On the Evolution of my art Part 1

On the Evolution of my art Part 1

I love details. For many years, my artistic focus outside of the movement arts was henna design and serti technique silk painting.








These disciplines both take time and control and rely on precision and detail. Fine lines are necessary, and once you put a line down, there's no easy way to remove it. Mistakes might be camouflaged, but rarely completely hidden from the artists' eye. Basically, you might not see it, but I do, and it drives me nuts!

You can imagine how exciting it was to discover that in acrylic painting, I could just paint right back over anything that was displeasing to me. Even dark lines could be covered in white, allowed to dry, and fixed. I could mix shadows, create fades that could be worked on the canvas, and paint bold colors with details over laid later. None of those things are really possible with any of the art I had done before. 

Game changers! 

What I love about acrylic painting is exactly what some don't love about the art form. The speed at which a coat dries allows me to keep going back over a spot and changing things up, working on one part of the piece while another dries and then going back and continuing. 

My favorite parts are the beginning of a piece, when I still don't even know what I'm working on yet, and the end, when I add all those little details that I love: the veins on a butterfly's wing, the light on leaves, the little feathers around a bird's eye. The details, for me, make the piece, and each time I paint, I learn a little more about the art form, and get a little better at showcasing all those tiny details!