About the Artist

Welcome! I am a South Carolina native, small business owner, transnational fusion and MENAHT dance artist, flow and fire performer, teacher, choreographer, and amateur naturalist. My formal education includes a BS in Biology and MS in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development. I am mostly self-taught as a visual artist, but I have been creating art of some sort for the majority of my life. I have experience in a wide variety of art forms that influence my current body of work including ceramics, henna, silk painting, dyeing, stained glass, costume design, theater, illustration, and dance.

I currently work primarily in acrylics. My art reflects a deep and abiding love of nature and boundless curiosity. I am fascinated by the details in a butterfly’s wing, the colors of a storm rolling in over the ocean at sunset, the reflection of a beech tree in a mountain pool; the minutia of nature and the elegant and intricate simplicity of the world around us, is a constant source of inspiration for me. I revel in color, and I hope that my pieces invoke the poetry of the places and creatures that I paint.

I hope that my art brings you much joy! Prints are available through my fine art america profile, and originals can be viewed and purchased through my studio in Greenville, SC. Please contact me to learn more, and thank you for being here.

photo by John Gillespie Photography